Alveoplasty Surgery for Dentures or Dental Implants

Alveoloplasty - Bourgeois DentalThe upper and lower teeth are rooted within and supported by the alveolar ridges. Typically, these ridges are smooth and uniform. However, genetics, trauma, disease, and/or tooth loss can cause these ridges to be uneven. An uneven alveolar ridge is unsuitable and unstable for teeth replacement options, such as dentures or dental implants.

In these cases, an alveoplasty can resolve the problem. An alveoplasty is a surgical procedure that smoothes the ridge, providing a secure and comfortable fit for dentures and/or an appropriate platform for dental implants. The procedure is sometimes called jawbone remodeling or reshaping.

Alveoplasty can benefit patients who have lost teeth to trauma, tooth decay, or gum disease. The surgery may also be an excellent option for patients experiencing poor denture fit or uncomfortable dentures.

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